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BYO Pizza


A rich and creamy Cavatappi Pasta with melted white cheddar with your choice of any two pizza toppings

BYO Pizza Toppings:Cheddar +$0.75Provolone +$0.75Extra Cheese +$0.75Banana Peppers +$0.75Green Peppers +$0.75Sweet Peppers +$0.75Broccoli +$0.75Tomato +$0.75Garlic +$0.75Mushroom +$0.75Onion +$0.75Black Olives +$0.75Pineapple +$0.75Bacon +$0.75Beef +$0.75Ham +$0.75Pepperoni +$0.75Salami +$0.75Sausage +$0.75Chicken +$2.50Steak +$2.50
BYO Pasta Choice:Pepperoni Onion Mushroom Ground Beef Sausage Steak Chicken Ham Bacon Green Peppers Cheddar Broccoli Olives Tomato Garlic Sweet Peppers Banana Peppers Pineapple
Pizza Sauce Option:Butter BBQ Sauce Ranch Light Sauce Xtra Sauce

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